Our first FLL Qualifier – Our Teams View


The FLL (qualifier) was a wonderful experience.  My favorite part was watching the matches as I prepared to reset the matches. My least favorite part was having the parents complain about not being allowed to watch the teams in their rooms (i.e. robot design judging). My job was first a timer for the scorer and assisting with stage reset.  One thing I think I could change would be to have more explanation to teams and parents on who is allowed in the rooms.


Overall I thought the qualifier went great, everyone was helpful and productive.  My job at first was to bring in the concession stand but then changed to bring an extra hand wherever I was needed.  Something I thought was good was the effort everyone put into the successfulness.  One thing I think that could be changed was the attitudes that the kid had towards each other


I thought it was overall amazing. One thing I love about it was the kids learning how to do half of the challenges.  One thing I hated was how the judges kept throwing us off schedule.