STEM/Robotics Learning Experience with Girl Scouts

Towards the end of the 2016 FRC build season we hosted a small STEM/Robotics learning experience for a few members of a local Girl Scout troop that our team member Sarah Packard is a part off. We had the girls come to one of our meetings and we showed them our FTC robot as we as talked about what our team is about ad like. We eve had them program a smaller robot that our mentor Chris brought in. Having the girls come over helped them with one of their patches which made them happy.

First Lego League Qualifiers

After the 2016 FRC season started our first major outreach was hosting a FLL competition at our local middle school, Williams Middle. A school where many of us on the team went to learn before coming to High School. The night before the competition we helped set up, the day of the competition we ran the concession stand and acted as runners and announcers

Columbia High School  FLL/Vex Robotics Camp

At the beginning of the summer we volunteered one week (June 5th-10th) at the FLL/Vex Robotics camp hosted by our home school Columbia High School. We guided incoming eighth graders from the ground up to build and code a basic robot to compete against their peers; all in good fun of course!