Huntsville Welcome Packets For Rocket City Regional

The Welcome Packets for the teams at the Rocket City Regional were a hit!  At set up day for the Regional, team members placed a packet in each of the 50 pits for each of the teams competing. The packets included maps of the Huntsville and surrounding areas as well as pamphlets with our favorite places to eat and visit around town. To top off the packet we added a “Welcome to the Rocket City” letter from the team and a NASA sticker and pen!

The teams were all very grateful!

FLL State Championship Volunteering

Our team members served as judge assistants and helped with resetting the fields for the FLL State Championship at the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center. Several of our mentors participated in judging in the competition also.  Additional mentors worked together to bring our competition robot to demo at the competition.  This was to help encourage and show students want kind of robotics work they will be able to do in the future if they continue with the FIRST program.

Space Night at the Havoc Hockey

January 20th 2017 we did our first Outreach of the year at a Havoc Hockey game. The theme for the game was “Space Night”. We figured this would be the perfect event for us to go to. We went to the Havoc office and got tickets to sell to people who wanted to go to the game and support the robotics team. We sold eighty tickets to the game.

When it was time for the event our team set up a table inside the door to the arena and had demo robotics, videos, a poster board and flyers and business cards that we handed out to people who wanted to know more about the robotics team. Once the game started the members that bought tickets went inside and watched the game. Our team name was even announced over the loudspeaker as one of the groups that was there that night.

FLL/Vex Robotics Camp

At the beginning of the summer we volunteered one week at the FLL/Vex Robotics camp hosted by our home school, Columbia High School. We guided incoming eighth graders from the ground up to build and code a basic robot to compete against their peers, all in good fun of course!