This Year’s Outreach


This was an outreach event over the summer. A few of our team members went to the local library to help a FIRST Lego League team demonstrate to the youth in the community.

NASA In The Park

Over the summer a group of our students and mentors went to represent the team at the annual NASA In The Park. The students and mentors had a lot of fun. We met many professionals in fields we are interested in and learned a lot about what some of the projects NASA is doing.  A few of our students even got to intern for NASA this summer.

Huntsville STEAMWORKS Robotics Night

This was a local event for many different FIRST robotics teams. The students got to inform people their age about what we do on our team and how much we enjoy it. We also got to see other FRC teams along with FTC teams that we have competed with in the past.  It was a great experience for everyone and we hope to participate again!

Columbia High School Club Expo

We participated in the schools club expo again! It was very effective because we got the word out to new students that this was a very fun extracurricular that anyone could do. We got quite a few new members because of this too!