Our rookie year was in 2016. Before joining FRC, we were a FTC (FIRST Tech Challenge) Team for three years. In January of 2016 we were given the chance to be a FRC team; we took the chance and ran with it. We participated in the first ever Rocket City Regional in March of that year. Our robot was made with a simplistic design, so at Regional our team came in about 30th place. We didn’t do as great as we wanted to, but what came next was even better. At the closing ceremony, our little team was awarded the Rookie All Star Award which sent us to St. Louis for the World Championship; we placed 25th out of 75 teams on the Archimedes field. Not bad for our little team and little robot.

Interested in joining?! Email chris.dail@team5858.org for information for upcoming events!!

Team Awareness

  • Strengths:
    • Our team has
      • Dedicated team members and knowledgeable mentors.
      • Members and mentors that work well with each other
      • Resourceful members
  • Weaknesses:
    • Programming team needs additional equipment to test their code while build team prototypes parts
  • Possible Assistance:
    • Does not currently have a machine shop, does not have a dedicated space to work
    • Borrowing tools from other teams and mentors
    • Additional opportunities to bring in more diverse mentors to empower a larger team