The Business Team assists in the preparation of the team schedules, runs team scrum boards, assists with sponsor relations, maintains the team budget and ensures safety practices are followed.

The Business Team will assist the other teams with the management of the elements of the triple constraint: time, cost, scope. The Business Team will assist with the planning and tracking of items that influence these constraints. For instance, the Business Team will maintain a Risk and Issues register to track items that impacts the elements of the triple constraint.

The Business Team will also assist with communications of a non marketing or promotional nature. This includes status reports to, and other relations with, team sponsors, engaging with stakeholders in the organization of outreach events, and communicating Business Intelligence (the aggregation of planning, analysis, and research information) to the appropriate stakeholders.

Finally the Business Team will ensure the maintenance of, and adherence to, various processes and policies. Examples include the Safety Plan, promoting sustainability, management of software accounts, and presentation guidelines.